• Liz TaylorLiz Taylor
  • William TaiWilliam Tai
  • CampbellCampbell
  • Dad SketchDad Sketch
  • JulianJulian
  • La Ruina de la MadreLa Ruina de la Madre
  • Lady in RedLady in Red
  • George IV Shorthose Russell - Museums Project 2014George IV Shorthose Russell - Museums Project 2014
  • Ridgeback in the SnowRidgeback in the Snow
  • CroquetCroquet
  • Rose VaseRose Vase
  • SimonSimon
  • La Cocina VentanaLa Cocina Ventana
  • Hawaiian ParakeetsHawaiian Parakeets
  • Two HorsesTwo Horses
  • Marilyn '62Marilyn '62
  • KevinKevin
  • Peek-a-booPeek-a-boo
  • Barbra '65Barbra '65
  • The Old BarnThe Old Barn
  • Hot LegsHot Legs
  • Grand HotelGrand Hotel
  • ButterfliesButterflies
  • Red Bow TieRed Bow Tie
  • Pat HoodPat Hood
  • Sunflower YellowSunflower Yellow
  • On the FrontOn the Front
  • MattMatt
  • Storyteller. The Gathering of the Winds.Storyteller. The Gathering of the Winds.
  • Loopy Lou. The Gathering of the Winds.Loopy Lou. The Gathering of the Winds.
  • AlfieAlfie
  • CambridgeCambridge
  • TaffetaTaffeta
  • My ToolsMy Tools


It’s always difficult to pick a ‘Best of’. Pieces can be liked for different reasons, and to be honest… none of us EVER like our own work!! But, there are pieces that we are pleased with, whether this shows variety, subtlety or challenge, these are some of mine.