• CampbellCampbell
  • HareHare
  • PeacockPeacock
  • La Cocina VentanaLa Cocina Ventana
  • Weston DonkeysWeston Donkeys
  • Two GeeseTwo Geese
  • Sunflower YellowSunflower Yellow
  • Peek-a-booPeek-a-boo
  • On the FrontOn the Front
  • Spring LambsSpring Lambs
  • CambridgeCambridge
  • BoatsBoats
  • Becky's HorseBecky's Horse
  • The Old BarnThe Old Barn
  • In the WindowIn the Window
  • SpringSpring
  • Through the GateThrough the Gate
  • Country ViewCountry View
  • William TaiWilliam Tai
  • Morning LadiesMorning Ladies


Sometimes a brief presents itself where a traditional painting is required, this is how I was brought up to understand art, and as the years have gone by I have tried to bring my own skill with watercolours into play. These are some of my challenges.