Work - handmade with help from a computer


Writing for jobs and work can be a tough task, every letter and image is well judged and well balanced, the tone is poured over and sometime hours are spent just to get it right and to strike the correct tone for the respective recipient. After a letter or application is sent the person writing waits patiently, then impatiently for a reply, checking every day. It remains in the mind till a resolution has been met. How IGNORANT then is it that companies like ‘Illustration Web’ (an Artist’s Agent) and many others, can’t even be bothered to send a ‘Thanks but, no thanks letter’. This is even more galling when 5 or 6 people from the same company have been included. This seems to be the ‘trend’ these days. So, there would be some retribution held when (eventually) these people will be out of work and need replies to their job applications. Just saying. There is NO EXCUSE for IGNORANCE in polite society.