• Sunflower Yellow
  • Liz Taylor
  • Little Angels
  • William Tai
  • Taffeta
  • La Cocina Ventana
  • Kevin
  • The Old Barn
  • Morning Ladies


Matt quite simply loves to paint, he loves to create.

From an early age he knew that’s what he would always do…and he has.

This love of painting has won him exhibitions at schools, got him through his education, won him awards, given him his first job, set him up in his own companies (and others) seen him teach Art, illustrate key Characters for major companies (Including Disney, Hallmark, UKG, Athena and Andrew Brownsword), run brand Licensing, and become an Art Director and Creative Director, going on to develop greeting cards product for major companies in the U.K. You could say he moved from sweeping the stage to set painter, Chorus boy, Lead performer, Costume designer, Production Designer, Director and Producer.

This is also true.

What follows is Act one!