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As a child, I always had a clear vision of what I would do. I would follow my father’s lead and be an ARTIST, I would stop at nothing to achieve that. I painted and drew and made stuff and painted and drew, I was relentless.

I had exhibitions of my work at school, I was the only person to achieve the top grade in Art in the area (after a snooty art teacher chose initially not to enter me for the exam … the head stepped in!), I was championed at 6th form by a great Art teacher, I then went to design school to study ILLUSTRATION (and was the only person on the course!). I came top of the field and was plunged into my first job, illustrating high end toy brands. From there I worked for my own companies and others, Disney, Halllmark, Athena etc, etc. I became a Creative Director with my own teams, then an art director, all was great until the banking crash of 2008 when I found myself redundant and out of work.

From there I had to start again in a tough time. It was a blessing in disguise. I started painting again and after coming 4th in ARTISTS & ILLUSTRATORS artist of the year, I started writing articles/lessons for them which encouraged me to paint properly. I also started teaching art in schools and now, 12 years on, I do all three. Having said that I never wanted to be an illustrator, I had always wanted to be an artist, this was my chance.