Work - handmade with help from a computer

LOVES,LIVES,LOST by Matthew Haydn Jeanes.

This is an unusual subject for me, but as all my paintings have stories these days- this piece is certainly no different. On a dog walk with my friend Meg, we stumbled across a derelict cottage hidden under Ivy in woods near Lyde Green. Looking inside, the cottage hadn’t been touched for years and years. A fire had destroyed the upper landing and faint remnants of the 1930’s were teased amongst the debris. I was fascinated and took photographs of everything as it was all quite beautiful in its way. Pushing forward into one room ,. This scene presented itself, as I studied it, a beam of sun light came through and hit the cherub. There was something quite magical and beautiful, Yet so sad about the life/story that had been, but this one resilient piece of beauty had endured.

It seemed to represent SO much.

Hence my new painting.

watercolour art
LOVES,LIVES,LOST by Matthew Haydn Jeanes