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After weeks of work, I’ve finally finished my latest painting.

MY HEART’S GEISHA by Matthew Haydn Jeanes. Watercolour on paper. 2023

I feel I’ve been waiting to paint this for years and years. The story behind it, is.. This figure belonged to my mum, she took pride of place on her dressing table when my brother and I were children, we were NEVER allowed to touch her and I was always fascinated by her beauty. Dad thinks mum had The Geisha BEFORE they were even married. As the years passed, we grew up, moved out, Mum moved house and The Geisha silently vanished from sight. Years later, when we cleared through Mums things (after she died),. Hidden at the back of a wardrobe and carefully wrapped in a blanket, there she was, The Geisha, a little worse for wear,. but still beautiful. She now has pride of place in my house. Still untouchable. Still loved.

I never did a painting of my mum after she died.. So this I feel, is for her…’MY HEART’S GEISHA’ ..

for MUM… with love ❤️

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My Heart’s Geisha by Matthew Haydn Jeanes – May 2023