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THE ARTISTS OF WIMBORNE by Matthew Haydn Jeanes 2024

My new painting, THE ARTISTS OF WIMBORNE (*Paul) by Matthew Haydn Jeanes, Watercolour on paper 2024. I was asked to participate in an Artists painting festival/competition in Wimborne back in May. I declined to join in as I had hurt my hand, I didn’t know the village and my painting process (watercolour) is a little more time consuming than the event would allow. Staying with friends, we went along anyway. About 100 artists attended and all chose different areas of Wimborne to paint, the weather was glorious and while watching the painters work, I was asked what I would have painted if I had joined in, without hesitation I said “I’d paint the artists painting”. I saw THIS guy (Paul) and asked if I could take his picture with the possible intention of painting HIM, he was amused and agreed.. SO, here is my belated contribution. For me, the composition sums up ‘The Artist’, it has beautiful strong light, a mix of textures, it’s also composed of striking PRIMARY colours, the artist himself has all the KIT in travelling form and there’s a hint of the subject he’s painting, as well as the mess of the paint,I also loved the contrast of the white parasol, not only reflecting light but also giving shade.

I hope you like it.

The Artists of Wimborne (*Paul) by Matthew Haydn Jeanes 2024