Work - handmade with help from a computer


Sherie at Patchway Community College has instigated and devised a project utilising Filton’s history in aeronautics. Each one of nine schools has been participating in tracing the heritage of Concorde and the like whilst putting it into an ARTS AWARD project for the local schools. Matt has been working between the schools to brief the making and decorating of a ‘Globe and 8 Planes’. Each school has been given a different subject (Birds, Butterflies, Dinosaurs, Sci-Fi, Rainforest, Space etc) and will produce mood boards highlighting their designs for the finished models. They will then present these to Matt who will guide them on how to achieve their final designs. These will then form an ‘opening exhibition’ at the R.W.A on the 7th July before being distributed around Bristol as part of the Great Aeronautical Hunt.