Work - handmade with help from a computer


I was contacted by Mr ROSS NEWMAN the head master at TYNDALE PRIMARY SCHOOL.

His three year term at this school is done and he leaves to start at another school in September, all the current pupils adore him but he is now moving on.

The school had six slightly tatty areas they wanted to ‘dress up’, so I suggested we get the pupils to draw themselves and each other… and, as a symbol of the school is ‘a tree’… we could get them to develop TREES in different SEASONS for each of the panels.

I worked with a mix of specially selected children (who we thought may benefit from the ‘art’ experience) on two separate days. The first day they drew Mr Newman, themselves and each other. The second day they drew ‘Trees’ in all different weather and seasons.

I then took this work, chose the best trees and incorporated all of them into the 6 panels/murals (Winter, Spring, Easter, Summer, Autumn and Christmas).

The panels have been illustrated and scanned, then made into the 6ft panels by an excellent local graphics and signage company called ‘Artwork Solutions’.

The children were elated and excited to see themselves painted into the pictures and were even more thrilled to know it was all based on their efforts.

Mr Newman moves on in July 2013 and now leaves not only a legacy of great work and improvement at Tyndale School, but also the 6 areas representing ‘the pupils of 2013’ (and himself)¬†for years to come.