Art is a passion. Art is a way of life. Art is something in you, that needs to show itself and be expressed. Art is a true and constant friend. Art is an attention grabber. Art is selfish. Art is yours. Art is mine!

Who said all of this and is it true?

Yes, all of the above is true… and who said it?


My dad is an artist and as an eager eyed young child, I used to watch him paint and rather than being daunted by the task of learning such an intricate structure… I was excited and exhilarated.

I knew that this was what I wanted to do from an early age… and I’ve done it!

I graduated from my senior school with the only ‘A’ in the local district. I followed it by opening up a dormant college course in Illustration/Art (Bristol College) that I then did on my own, extending the course for a further year and passing with distinction and a degree in Illustration and graphics.

I then paid my dues working on children’s product illustration and Licensing with My Little Pony, Care Bears, Postman Pat, Roland Rat, Thomas the Tank Engine… the list was endless. Then came ‘FOREVER FRIENDS’, this was the first ‘mega’ brand for ANDREW BROWNSWORD. Forever Friends was illustrated by (the amazing) Deborah Jones and I was set up as the second artist (to her) working on all licensed product. A company was then formed around me to deal with that (S.P.J/Swann, Pearce, Jeanes) and I ran the Illustration Dept (that included a young Doug Hyde!). Other famous characters followed with The Muppets, Country Companions, Winnie the Pooh and Disney.

I left S.P.J to pursue my own work with my own studio (Apollo) but  I was lured back in 1999 by Deborah, to take over Forever Friends for HALLMARK cards. During this time I set up the brand licensing Department (for F.F), I finally said goodbye to Forever Friends in 2004 (16 years was enough time) and moved on.

I then joined PORTICO to work on Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, and developed the style for the popular ‘Eeyore’s Little Scribbles’  before leaving to become the Art Director with a company called F.A.B (designing and developing new brands including my own ‘100 kisses’ for UKG).

After FAB I moved on up again to become the Creative Director with PAPER HOUSE/ THE GREAT BRITISH CARD COMPANY in 2008. During this time I developed many new product lines including the Andy Warhol range (which was nominated for a Henry award) and the David Downton range (which won the award for best new Art range).

These have ALL been amazing experiences (and I wouldn’t change a minute) but when all is said and done the one thing I always wanted to do was just ‘paint’ and after years of working in different styles, mediums, briefs and projects and jobs (that has also seen me teach adults for 10 years and teach life drawing to students) I’m now back doing what I love… Painting!

In my career I have worked with some amazing and inspirational people, Peter Whitehead, Geoff Sanderson, Peter Reichwald, Stuart Fiddes, Tresta Solling, David Downton, Doug Hyde, Simon Taylor-Kielty, Amanda O’Brian, Steve Pearce, Gail Swann, Kaz Lammie, Julie Rands, Isabel Scott Evans, Lis and Dave Price, Jan Taylor, Tom Knights, Trevor Jones, Deborah Jones and the wonderful David Hicks.

I’ve also seen the dark side of the industry working with bullies, con men, liars, takers and people who you believed were on your side, but weren’t.

After losing everything at the hands of people like this in 2010, I established myself as the painter I continue to be, living by a greater code of conduct than many of those I worked with previously. To that end I no longer work in the commercial industry that I had reached the top of.

I have re-trained myself and now teach Art to willing students in various schools, museums and collages, I also write for top art magazine Artists & Illustrators and have done for over 10 years now.

My painting is now more prolific, painting for myself, with portraits of famous people now being owned by them (MITZI GAYNOR, BARBRA STREISAND) and portraits of THE QUEEN and PRINCESS DIANA garnering attention all over the world.

Looking forward I am happy to take commissions, happy to teach and hoping to have my first exhibition as MATTHEW HAYDN JEANES – ARTIST in the near future.

I am happy to talk about any art based projects, so please feel free to get in touch with no obligation

My studio door is always open

as Oscar Wilde said…

Artists, like gods… should NEVER leave their pedestals

..and I never will.

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