• Red CollarRed Collar
  • DiamondsDiamonds
  • YellowYellow
  • ZebraZebra
  • Yellow HatYellow Hat
  • MidnightMidnight
  • Pink OstrichPink Ostrich
  • SunglassesSunglasses
  • Hot LegsHot Legs
  • Classic BlackClassic Black
  • 19671967
  • GlamourGlamour
  • Moulin RougeMoulin Rouge
  • To Die ForTo Die For
  • Pink PunkPink Punk
  • Rich ListRich List
  • Savoir FayreSavoir Fayre

Fashion as Maxwell

As an artist I always loved fashion illustration and having been inspired by friend and associate David Downton,.I was asked to set up my own brand. Hence, MAXELL: Nom Du Jour was formed. I loved painting these pieces,. I had my own card range, I established my own prints and had my own exhibition as Maxwell as part of Bath In Fashion. These are some of my choice pieces.