• La Cocina VentanaLa Cocina Ventana
  • ArthurArthur
  • Monforte
  • SunflowersSunflowers
  • CascaisCascais
  • Last SpringLast Spring
  • PoppyPoppy
  • Winter WalkWinter Walk
  • BeachedBeached
  • WatchingWatching
  • Blind DogBlind Dog
  • LongshoreLongshore
  • Autumn LeavesAutumn Leaves
  • Ridgeback In the SnowRidgeback in the Snow
  • LilliesLillies
  • Out to SeaOut To Sea
  • Storm PitchStorm Pitch
  • Two GeeseTwo Geese
  • Dirty PawsDirty Paws
  • The ConversationThe Conversation
  • God's Own CountryGod's Own Country
  • Piccadilly LightsPiccadilly Lights
  • La Ruina De La MadreLa Ruina De La Madre
  • The Old BarnThe Old Barn
  • CampbellCAMPBELL (award winner- Artists & Illustrators)
  • The William TaiThe William Tai
  • WaitingWaiting
  • Weston Donkeys


Sometimes a brief presents itself where a traditional painting is required, this is how I was brought up to understand art, and as the years have gone by I have tried to bring my own skill with watercolours into play. These are some of my challenges.