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“It is patience combined with inspiration and guidance that makes being taught by Matt a pleasure. He quietly advises and highlights areas that can be improved and worked upon. The results over the course show for themselves, I am delighted.” Robbie (private student)

I have always taught in one way or another. Whether it was teaching Art for pleasure at Kingswood community centre (Evening classes, 10 years), or drama through directing shows for over 20years.

Recently, I have returned in a bigger way, taking private tuition covering all aspects of art, whether it be drawing, painting, life drawing or just art for fun. It is so rewarding and I do love it. Alongside this I have been teaching both primary and senior students through various projects in the last couple of years. I worked on ‘The Gathering of the Winds’ book project with storyteller Martin Maudesly in 2012. We visited 8 primary schools in Patchway, Bristol, spreading the Olympic initiative (Gathering of the Winds) and encouraged the students to write stories and then illustrate scenes from these stories. These were then put into a coherent form and re-illustrated (by me) to form a book that celebrated their work (including all of their original art). It was a big success and a fabulous project that garnered great attention for both the schools and pupils alike (with an exhibition forming part of the Olympic opening in Weymouth). The project was instigated by Sherie Humphreys at Patchway Community College and she did an amazing job. You can view the illustrations here.

Alongside this project I taught an art evening class for 10 weeks at Patchway College as well as giving private talks about art to several local Art Clubs/Classes.

In 2013 I have continued teaching with a course in Illustration for senior students, a ‘Tree’ project for St Michael’s primary and a 2 day workshop on character origination and illustration at Bradon Forest School in Swindon.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like more information on Art lessons, Art classes or Private Tuition, whether it’s for a school, college or just for fun.