• Samuel White's Infants School Mural 2022Samuel White's Infants School Mural 2022
  • Mr JEANES at work- Teaching ART since 2012
  • STONEHENGE by year 2 at Kings Forest Primary School
  • LONDON at Night by Mangotsfield Primary year 6
  • STAPLE HILL library Mural
  • Teaching at THE HOLBURNE MUSEUM/Mick Peter Project
  • ART WEEK- Portrait Tiles for HIGHDOWN SCHOOL
  • WELCOME TO STANBRIDGE- Based on school art with Mr Jeanes
  • 1950's SCI-FI/SPACE year 6- Staple Hill Primary School
  • STOKE LODGE PRIMARY SCHOOL- All School Mural- Detail
  • Tracing paper collage work- Staple Hill Primary School
  • HIGHDOWN PRIMARY SCHOOL Anniversary Porthole icons
  • HEROES- Blackhorse Primary Values
  • PEACE- Year 6 Kings Forest Primary
  • COLOUR SAMPLE COLLAGE- Year 5 Kings Forest Primary
  • FREEDOM PROJECT-Kings Forest Primary School
  • MINDSET CHARACTERS part 1- Stanbridge Primary School
  • COUNTRYSIDE- Stanbridge Primary School
  • SPACE- Year 5-Kings Forest Primary
  • THE MEADOWS- Year 6- Abstract/Emotions
  • BROMLEY HEATH Infants- Values
  • TREE OF KNOWLEDGE- S.E.N teaching- Kings Forest Primary
  • REFUGEES- Yr 6- Kings Forest Primary
  • HIGHDOWN Primary School Mural
  • Human body/ Matisse - yr 6-Kings Forest Primary School
  • HOMELESS-Year 5 Kings ForestHOMELESS-Year 5 Kings Forest
  • Mangotsfield Primary Mural 2016
  • Stanbridge Primary Teaching Drama, Joseph 2016
  • The Gathering of the Winds 2012
  • Tyndale School Project Mural
  • Life Drawing/Hen Party
  • One to one tuition
  • Primary School Tuition
  • Moonpig contemporary water colour class
  • Moonpig life drawing class
  • Kings Forest Art Week 2015
  • The Great British Aeronautical Hunt
  • stanbridge-mural
  • Kings' Forest Primary School Mission Statement & Values


“It is patience combined with inspiration and guidance that makes being taught by Matt a pleasure. He quietly advises and highlights areas that can be improved and worked upon. The results over the course show for themselves, I am delighted.” Robbie (private student)

Having had an Art teacher for a dad and a primary school teacher for a grandmother, I suppose it was inevitable that at some point I would follow them into the same profession.

I started out by taking over teaching from my dad when he retired from an adults ‘Art for Pleasure’ evening class. I taught there for 10 years alongside directing and designing theatrical shows for many of the local groups in the South West, from juniors to adults.

When I was made redundant from my job in 2009, I was left looking for a new career in art and with great contacts from my theatre world offering me small teaching jobs, starting with a weekly Art MASTERCLASS lesson for KS 2, moving on to P.P.A. cover and then full day as Art teacher/T.A. I eventually re-trained and became an art teacher in schools. I work on various projects that can involve a whole school or several at any time (The GATHERING OF THE WINDS project had nine schools all at once). I have worked on many ART WEEKS in various schools and worked as an S.E.N. teacher for both Primary and Secondary levels.

I now spend my time teaching at my regular schools, (KINGS FOREST PRIMARY, STAPLE HILL PRIMARY and THE MEADOWS PRIMARY) for half of the week, while working freelance on any art tasks that may present themselves, from School projects, Art Weeks and Murals. I have also worked at MANGOTSFIELD PRIMARY, PATCHWAY COMMUNITY COLLEGE and STANBRIDGE PRIMARY, with larger ongoing projects at LITTLE STOKE PRIMARY and HIGHDOWN PRIMARY SCHOOL. I am fully D.B.S. checked and can present references where needed. You can contact me on matthewhaydnjeanes@gmail.com