6 August 2022

My new article on ARTHUR is featured in the September issue of Artists & Illustrators on sale now!Artists And Illustrators Magazine ,. They’ve done a great job .#animalartist#watercolourpainting#watercolor#petart#artistillustrator#artists&illustratorsmagazine #dogart

Artists & Illustrators- September 2022
Arthur by Matthew Haydn Jeanes

HOLBURNE MUSEUM- Art Summer Camps 2022

4 August 2022

Working at the Holburne Museum for two primary level summer schools.. one the work of Pablo Bronstein and a collaged piece based on Sydney Gardens. #schoolart #schoolartwork

Art based on Pablo Bronstein work and Sydney Gardens


27 July 2022

ALL THAT GLITTERS- Under my alias. Maxwell Nom Du Jour, See my fashion page on my site here. #watercolor#glamour #watercolourpainting#fashionart#fashion#watercolourartist#watercolourart

All That Glitters by Maxwell (Matthew Haydn Jeanes)


1 July 2022

Happy birthday Princess Diana. #diana#princessdiana#princessdianaforever#royalportrait#watercolor#watercolourpainting #watercolorportrait

Diana by Matthew Haydn Jeanes

TRUE BLUE turns 36!

30 June 2022

Madonna’s TRUE BLUE album (unbelievably) turns 36 today! Released 30 June 1986, it’s a classic with Madonna at the top of her game with mega hits including, ‘Papa, Don’t Preach, Open Your Heart, True Blue, Live To Tell and La Isla Bonita, This is my painting of her. #madonna#madonnafans#trueblue#livetotell#laislabonita#celebrityportraits#watercolor#watercolourpainting#watercolourportrait

TRUE BLUE by Matthew Haydn Jeanes


29 June 2022

This is a set of colour inspired fashion pieces,

VINTAGE FASHION by Matthew Haydn Jeanes #fashionart #glamour #vintage #vintagefashionart#watercolor#watercolourfashionart#fashion#shoes#shoeart

TUXEDO by Matthew Haydn Jeanes
CO-RESPONDENT by Matthew Haydn Jeanes
SEAMS by Matthew Haydn Jeanes
POLKA-DOT BOW TIE by Matthew Haydn Jeanes
YELLOW BROGUES by Matthew Haydn Jeanes
JUNE BRIDE by Matthew Haydn Jeanes


27 June 2022

It’s so lovely when someone takes the time to show me how they have framed my Art/Print.

This is a lovely message from talented singer and Barbra Streisand fan, Lori Gardin Ziedins..

“HELLO GORGEOUS!! Finally, professionally framed and ready to hang .. now to find just the right spot! Thank you Matthew Haydn Jeanes for 24/100 and for sharing your amazing and beautiful talent 💜

What About Today by Matthew Haydn Jeanes- Art Print framed

‘ABOUT’ updated

25 June 2022

As I continue to revise and update my website (Gallery, Portraits, Traditional, Fashion, Animals, Characters already done), I thought I would update my ABOUT image (You will only see this on your COMPUTER browser).. Moving into a new phase,. so, the old TEACHING image is out.. and the NEW me is in.. Hope you approve!


KATE BUSH/Running Up That Hill at No 1

18 June 2022

Congratulations to KATE BUSH for breaking three chart records with RUNNING UP THAT HILL hitting number 1 in the charts after 40 years. The longest gap between no 1’s, longest gap between chart singles and oldest female artist to hit No 1 in the U.K. I’ve always loved her, hers was the first single and album I bought with my own money. This is a drawing I did of her when I was studying art in 1982, so THIS is also 40 years old! #katebush #houndsoflove #runningupthathill #colourpencilportraits #celebrityportraits

Kate Bush0 Sketch by Matthew Haydn Jeanes 1982


17 June 2022

A new piece for my friend Izzy, I thought this would make a lovely painting,. and here it is.. I worked hard to get this gentle colour palette.

This is ARTHUR by Matthew Haydn Jeanes.

#watercolor #petportraits #petportraitartist#dog #dogportrait #animalart

ARTHUR by Matthew Haydn Jeanes 2022