Exciting new teaching projects for Blackhorse, Stanbridge and Mangotsfield Primary School

19 May 2016


Matt has been working on some great new projects for local schools. He has re invented the school ‘values’ for Blackhorse Primary as Marvel inspired Super Heroes, taught drama for a year at Stanbridge and years 4, 5 & 6 have just put on a successful production of ‘Joseph and his Technicoloured Dreamcoat’ and finally, Matt has been teaching students and then re-painting every pupil and teacher at Mangotsfield Primary School for a Mural to celebrate their 2016 re-launch.


An American Toy Story at The American Museum in Britain, Bath

5 April 2016

‘An American Toy Story’ comes to life at The American Museum In Britain (Bath) from March to October 2016 with a host of Movie themed events. Find out more here >

The exhibition (designed by Matt) is the history of movie memorabilia and collectables , Highlights include, Chris Reeves original Superman costume from the 1978 movie, The history of Animation, Disney Princesses, James Bond (including the Motorcycle as used in ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’), Classic toys from the early days of cinema, not to mention a ‘Jurassic World’ kiddies playroom and the story of Sci Fi and STAR WARS collectables.

The design for the exhibition was conceived by Matt with graphics produced by Tomology Design.

Mattʼs ʻLa Ruina De La Madreʼ in ARTISTS & ILLUSTRATORS

5 April 2016

Matt has had his latest painting published in the APRIL edition of ARTISTS & ILLUSTRATORS. Under the title of ʻSpring Projectsʼ Matt and two other artists talk about various tasks incorporating ʻLightʼ into a painting. Matt talks about “Contre Jourʼ or ʻBack lightingʼ your subject.

KINGS’ FOREST Vision statement/Identity

11 January 2016

This year I have worked with talented designer, Tom Knights (at Tomology Design) on several school identities and looks. This idea takes in an illustration style I have been developing for schools (based on pupils’ own drawings) and using the school’s mission statements and values, we have put them into a new style and identity.

JULIE RANDS by Matt Jeanes

5 January 2016

This is a new portrait, having done several in November/December 2015 this is one I am particularly proud of.  It’s quite a large piece and as water colour is such a transparent medium it’s very difficult to get the ‘intensity’ of colour. I was particularly pleased with the shadows as the colours remained clean and fresh whilst remaining ‘dark’.

I hope you like it.

Stanbridge Primary School 2015

28 September 2015

In July I worked with Stanbridge Primary School on a lovely project. I tutored each pupil to draw their Teachers, T’A’s and staff (they then they picked their favourites). The pupils all drew themselves, then throughout August and early September I re-painted them into a big painting to represent the school, The most artistic pupils drew the school and I picked the best one for the background.This is the finished painting.. It is without doubt the most complicated piece I have ever attempted as every child had to be accounted for and cross referenced with their name, Photo, picture and tutor group. This will now become a massive ‘welcome’ mural for the school. Hope you like it.


11 June 2015

Sherie at Patchway Community College has instigated and devised a project utilising Filton’s history in aeronautics. Each one of nine schools has been participating in tracing the heritage of Concorde and the like whilst putting it into an ARTS AWARD project for the local schools. Matt has been working between the schools to brief the making and decorating of a ‘Globe and 8 Planes’. Each school has been given a different subject (Birds, Butterflies, Dinosaurs, Sci-Fi, Rainforest, Space etc) and will produce mood boards highlighting their designs for the finished models. They will then present these to Matt who will guide them on how to achieve their final designs. These will then form an ‘opening exhibition’ at the R.W.A on the 7th July before being distributed around Bristol as part of the Great Aeronautical Hunt.


11 June 2015

Writing for jobs and work can be a tough task, every letter and image is well judged and well balanced, the tone is poured over and sometime hours are spent just to get it right and to strike the correct tone for the respective recipient. After a letter or application is sent the person writing waits patiently, then impatiently for a reply, checking every day. It remains in the mind till a resolution has been met. How IGNORANT then is it that companies like ‘Illustration Web’ (an Artist’s Agent) and many others, can’t even be bothered to send a ‘Thanks but, no thanks letter’. This is even more galling when 5 or 6 people from the same company have been included. This seems to be the ‘trend’ these days. So, there would be some retribution held when (eventually) these people will be out of work and need replies to their job applications. Just saying. There is NO EXCUSE for IGNORANCE in polite society.


11 June 2015

Matt was approached and asked if he would ‘donate’ the use of some of his Barbra Streisand images for an upcoming project. Viewing it as free publicity and a stipulation that his website be included the ‘Project ended up being a CD called ‘Barbra Streisand; In The Beginning’. It was certainly a higher profile product than he had envisaged (The CD is available on Amazon) but it was certainly flattering to have been asked and see the product in print.


11 June 2015

After teaching ‘ART’ at Kings Forest School as part of their ‘Master Class’ sessions for the past year, Matt was asked to teach for the week during ART WEEK. Part of that brief was for students to design a ‘Shaun the Sheep’ using BRISTOL as a theme. He then had to interpret the designs and produce a finished, painted idea whilst working with the pupils. ART WEEK had a full exhibition at the end of that week and was a great success. It’s so good to see schools encouraging ART.