ARTISTS & ILLUSTRATORS- April 2024 Edition out now!

19 February 2024

My NEW ARTICLE, ‘Coming Up Roses’ is out now in the new edition of Artists & Illustrators magazine (April 2024 Edition). It looks great and uses my painting PURITY & GRACE.

Artists & Illustrators Magazine 2024
PURITY and GRACE by Matthew Haydn Jeanes 2023


19 January 2024

So, THIS was my first one man show tonight, at Bradley Stoke school for a local ART GROUP, they had booked me a year ago. This was where I talked about myself and my life’s journey in ART for an hour and a half! It looks like there was no one here, but there were around 25-30.. and they were all very enthusiastic and the chair lady said it was one of the best talks they had ever had. Thank you Anne Hayes for suggesting me and to Vicky Hayes for supporting me and being amazing as always. It was quite daunting but I think it went really well

I accidentally dressed to match my publicity!
some of my folios and give aways
The set up
some of my work
All a great success, with Vicky and Anne

REMORSE (Remordimiento) by Matthew Haydn Jeanes

5 November 2023

My newest painting, It’s called REMORSE (REMORDIMIENTO), watercolour on A2 paper, 2023.

I was deeply touched and inspired by the story of a Matador who having ‘Piked’ a bull he was about to kill with two swords, caught the eye of the poor animal and REALISED he was about to take a LIFE. He stopped, spared the bull, Walked over to the side of the ring and broke down in tears. He remembered ALL of the lives he had taken before. He never stepped into the bull ring again. I’ve worked long and hard on this for no other reason than I think it’s inspirational,. Hopefully my painting may be too.

Remorse (Remordimiento) by Matthew Haydn Jeanes 2023

PURITY & GRACE by Matthew Haydn Jeanes

16 October 2023

Purity & Grace by Matthew Haydn Jeanes 2023

This is my new painting, PURITY & GRACE named after the two roses from my garden.

Working on a new piece of art, ROSES.

14 October 2023

I’m working on my latest challenge, Roses from my own garden.. I never make things easy.. but I’m getting there..very slowly.

Getting ready for the finishing touches!- Art by Matthew Haydn Jeanes 2023
A PURITY Rose. Art by Matthew Haydn Jeanes 2023

ARTISTS & ILLUSTRATORS Magazine, November 2023

29 September 2023

My new article, BEST FRIENDS is now available in the November edition of Artists & Illustrators

Artists & Illustrators magazine Nov 23
Best Friends by Matthew Haydn Jeanes 2023


14 September 2023

I painted this piece for my sister in law as a gift for her ‘significant’ birthday,. Its an image she really liked and has just had it framed. I think it looks lovely.

The SHAMEN by Matthew Haydn Jeanes

GARDEN PARTY by Matthew Haydn Jeanes

4 September 2023

After working solidly through the summer, I eventually managed to get a new painting done, This is my new piece. It’s called GARDEN PARTY by Matthew Haydn Jeanes. I loved the riot of colour (which was also an idea for the title). Watercolour on paper. I liked the idea of trying to achieve such vibrant colour with such a transparent medium and to try and achieve the depth of focus. #watercolor #floralpainter #painting #flowers #artist

GARDEN PERTY by Matthew Haydn Jeanes-August 2023

BEST FRIENDS by Matthew Haydn Jeanes- August 2023

21 August 2023

BEST FRIENDS by Matthew Haydn Jeanes 2023


21 August 2023

I’m enjoying taking a lot of chances on this new piece, working wet on wet while trying to achieve in and out of focus on the flowers.. we shall see how I get on..

art by Matthew Haydn Jeanes 2023
Art by Matthew Haydn Jeanes 2023
Art by Matthew Haydn Jeanes 2023