25 April 2013


Hello everyone,  Firstly let me say “Thank you’ for following MJ/PA supporting me and my art in the last year.. It means such a lot and I wouldn’t survive as an artist in this tough time if it wasn’t for your support and encouragement. Keeping myself and my work ‘out there’ is down to word of mouth, shares and comments on networking sites and passing on e-mail flyers to friends/Family and asking them to do the same. My website is my shop window and.. Tah Dah!.. it’s just been totally re-launched and up dated.

The Art has been revised, it now has a viewing carousel so you can pick the art you want to view and it has a new ‘Teaching’ page.. subtle tweaks but ideas that I feel make MJ/PA easier to access and enjoy.

Please take time to have a look (or ANOTHER LOOK), have a cuppa and if you like what you see pass me on to all your friends or get in touch.