24 May 2024

I haven’t painted as much as I would normally do this year, it’s strange how your mental wellbeing can channel itself into your creativity. What with being bullied by a neighbour (again), the attempted break into our house by a group of youths (trying to steel our cars) and me damaging my thumb.. I’ve not felt ABLE to paint. With that, I feel I’m on the mend now and THIS is my first painting of 2024. It’s called SUMMER RAIN, last summer we visited Polperro and in between downpours I saw this couple approaching the sunlight and ran after them to take the shot. This is now my new piece ..I hope you like it .

Watercolour on paper by Matthew Haydn Jeanes 2024

SUMMER RAIN by Matthew Haydn Jeanes 2024


13 May 2024

I am excited to say that my new article OUT OF THE BLUE is featured as a six page article in the July 2024 edition of ARTISTS & ILLUSTRATORS Magazine. Thanks to editor Niki Browes for your continued support and encouragement. The U.K’s best-selling Art Magazine.

Artists & Illustrators Magazine, July 2024
My featured painting/lesson/article- OUT OF THE BLUE/CASCAIS by Matthew Haydn Jeanes