LOVES,LIVES,LOST by Matthew Haydn Jeanes.

28 March 2023

This is an unusual subject for me, but as all my paintings have stories these days- this piece is certainly no different. On a dog walk with my friend Meg, we stumbled across a derelict cottage hidden under Ivy in woods near Lyde Green. Looking inside, the cottage hadn’t been touched for years and years. A fire had destroyed the upper landing and faint remnants of the 1930’s were teased amongst the debris. I was fascinated and took photographs of everything as it was all quite beautiful in its way. Pushing forward into one room ,. This scene presented itself, as I studied it, a beam of sun light came through and hit the cherub. There was something quite magical and beautiful, Yet so sad about the life/story that had been, but this one resilient piece of beauty had endured.

It seemed to represent SO much.

Hence my new painting.

watercolour art
LOVES,LIVES,LOST by Matthew Haydn Jeanes

FRAMING to show off the LIGHT

12 March 2023

I have just had my painting TAKE FIVE, framed by Lis and Dave at PRICELIS ART/YELLOWMOON GALLERY near RADSTOCK. As usual, they have done an amazing job, I like to use a fairly neutral black frame with a textured black mount, I like the proportions to fairly wide, this gives my paintings space to breathe and the sunlight in the painting to shine through. We also re mounted and re fitted some of my other pieces.

TAKE FIVE by Matthew Haydn Jeanes
MORNING LADIES by Matthew Haydn Jeanes
LAST SPRING by Matthew Haydn Jeanes

THE DEVOTEE by Matthew Haydn Jeanes (after a photograph by Prayag Raj Kubh Mela)


5 March 2023

A big thank you to Lis and Dave Price at the YELLOWMOON GALLERIES near Radstock for framing my painting so beautifully. Its amazing what a difference a frame makes to a piece of art.

WHISPERING by Matthew Haydn Jeanes 2023