BRUGES CRUISE by Matthew Haydn Jeanes

30 June 2024

My new painting, BRUGES CRUISE by Matthew Haydn Jeanes- 2024. Watercolour on paper.

On holiday last year, we took a dusk tour of the canals of BRUGES, the still water and the dark reflections along with the boat, put away for the night, seemed very calming and a nice subject for a painting.

I actually started this piece back in March, but not having painted this year, I put it to one side. Then having started painting again with SUMMER RAIN and THE ARTISTS OF WIMBORNE (which were tough challenges) I felt ‘practiced’ enough to try again. It was a MASSIVE challenge, It’s actually looser in reality than it looks here, it’s a bit smaller than A2.

Bruges Cruise by Matthew Haydn Jeanes 2024


19 June 2024

Sometimes when, as a primary school teacher, we are called to demonstrate an idea and a particular medium (Oil Pastels) and the finished piece (that in this case, took just 5 minutes), can surprise you. I did this piece as an example for my year 5’s for their topic of TRADE AND INDUSTRY (Life down the mines in the U.K). The students all watched and listened intently and went on to produce some great work.. while I was left with this piece.. that I was liked.

The Dark of the Mines by Matthew Haydn Jeanes

Starting a new painting!

19 June 2024

I’m working on a new piece.. It’s certainly pushing me to my limits and I don’t think I have used quite this much masking fluid on a piece before, but it certainly makes it interesting to see what I will have when it all comes off and where I have to go with the picture afterwards.. we shall see….

BRUGES CRUISE by Matthew Haydn Jeanes- Progress- June 2024


15 June 2024

The Artists of Wimborne by Matthew Haydn Jeanes

THE ARTISTS OF WIMBORNE by Matthew Haydn Jeanes 2024

8 June 2024

My new painting, THE ARTISTS OF WIMBORNE (*Paul) by Matthew Haydn Jeanes, Watercolour on paper 2024. I was asked to participate in an Artists painting festival/competition in Wimborne back in May. I declined to join in as I had hurt my hand, I didn’t know the village and my painting process (watercolour) is a little more time consuming than the event would allow. Staying with friends, we went along anyway. About 100 artists attended and all chose different areas of Wimborne to paint, the weather was glorious and while watching the painters work, I was asked what I would have painted if I had joined in, without hesitation I said “I’d paint the artists painting”. I saw THIS guy (Paul) and asked if I could take his picture with the possible intention of painting HIM, he was amused and agreed.. SO, here is my belated contribution. For me, the composition sums up ‘The Artist’, it has beautiful strong light, a mix of textures, it’s also composed of striking PRIMARY colours, the artist himself has all the KIT in travelling form and there’s a hint of the subject he’s painting, as well as the mess of the paint,I also loved the contrast of the white parasol, not only reflecting light but also giving shade.

I hope you like it.

The Artists of Wimborne (*Paul) by Matthew Haydn Jeanes 2024


3 June 2024

This is my current piece, it’s titled The ARTISTS OF WIMBORNE as this was a painting festival I attended but couldn’t join in on due to a hand injury, I am contributing by painting my own piece of the event. Though there is still a way to go until it’s finished.

Working hard..


3 June 2024

My portfolio is made up of postcards of my work, This is my latest piece- SUMMER RAIN

Mr DOODLE/Mentoring Plus at the Holburne

3 June 2024

Well, this was rather a rather lovely project, I was working with MENTORING PLUS at the Holburne Museum, I had 10 primary aged student plus 5 T.A/mentoring carers, we looked at the Mr DOODLE exhibition then designed our own DOODLE tee shirts, good fun and the kids all had a great time.

Myself and Louise- Doodled up!
Creating DOODLE Tee shirts
My Tee shirt!