8 September 2022

God bless and rest in Peace. Our Gracious Queen 8/9/22


70 GLORIOUS YEARS: H.R.H The Queen by Matthew Haydn Jeanes 2022

MAXWELL Wall Prints Find a new Home

3 September 2022

Four of my large exhibition pieces (Pink Ostrich, Red Collar, 1967 and Yellow) have now found a fabulous new home with friends Richard and Gail in Weymouth. They have become centre points in a very chic apartment block. I am so happy they have gone to a new and very worthy home.

Pink Ostrich by Maxwell/Matt in its new home.

MONFORTE by Matthew Haydn Jeanes

2 September 2022

My new painting, MONFORTE has a rather lovely story attached to it, my friend Nicky Mager asked me to paint it as a gift for her brother Sandro after he took her and their siblings to Italy on a family pilgrimage earlier in the year. MONFORTE is where they and their family hail from and their aunt (who lives in the U.K.) has a painting in her house (that all the family know) of this scene painted by their cousin in the 1920’s/30’s. As a gift to say ‘thank you’ for the trip, Nicky commissioned me to paint the same scene from a photograph they took on the trip, the others all have fine art prints,. But maybe now the new painting will also live on with the new generations of their family to celebrate their heritage and MONFORTE. #monforte#italy#naples#watercolour#watercolourpainting#watercolourartist#watercolourart#traditionalart#traditionalartist

The original 1920’s painting of MONFORTE by a cousin of the family
Monforte by Matthew Haydn Jeanes 2022
The next generation of Forte family, Santoro is presented the painting from Nicky and her siblings

BLACKHORSE PRIMARY_ Captain Champion 2022

2 September 2022

Several years ago I worked with BLACKHORSE PRIMARY on their VALUES which came in the form of a team of super hero characters.. At the time all was fine and the lead character was CAPTAIN CHAMPION,. a Captain AMERICA type character who stood for aspirational conquest in learning.. As the world has changed and moved on since then, the school have asked me to RE-VISIT the original design, feeling that a somewhat ‘HENCH’ 40 year old white male in black pants may not represent the world we live in now, especially around 5-10 year olds. So now, ladies and gentleman, I present a new Captain CHAMPION ..A non gender specific, younger person that hopefully all kids can Identify with.. see what you think.

Captain Champion and the rest of the team!


2 September 2022

Getting to the end of the school projects that have been bubbling under the surface for some months now and being finalised throughout this summer break. This job, for MANGOTSFIELD PRIMARY SCHOOL involved me going in and working with each KS2 year groups to come up with their ideas and inspirations for their new school VALUES,. So. BELONGING, ASPIRATION, VIRTUE,EMPATHY and RESILIENCE.. Tough categories for anyone I think.. but they rose to the occasion and we had some lovely and thoughtful ideas,. I put those in to 2 or 3 design options,.and they went to a vote and these are the final choices.. I painted the pieces, They were scanned and Tom Knights did the artwork based on his previous CREATION work for the same school. The children who inspired the designs have their names on the pieces,. It’s a shame we couldn’t use some of the others, because some of the ones that weren’t chosen were lovely. These have now been made into large display boards for the main hall to greet the pupils when they return in September..#watercolourpainting #watercolor #schoolart #artforschool

ASPIRATION by Matthew Haydn Jeanes
BELONGING by Matthew Haydn Jeanes
VIRTUE by Matthew Haydn Jeanes
RESILIENCE by Matthew Haydn Jeanes
EMPATHY by Matthew Haydn Jeanes