REMORSE (Remordimiento) by Matthew Haydn Jeanes

5 November 2023

My newest painting, It’s called REMORSE (REMORDIMIENTO), watercolour on A2 paper, 2023.

I was deeply touched and inspired by the story of a Matador who having ‘Piked’ a bull he was about to kill with two swords, caught the eye of the poor animal and REALISED he was about to take a LIFE. He stopped, spared the bull, Walked over to the side of the ring and broke down in tears. He remembered ALL of the lives he had taken before. He never stepped into the bull ring again. I’ve worked long and hard on this for no other reason than I think it’s inspirational,. Hopefully my painting may be too.

Remorse (Remordimiento) by Matthew Haydn Jeanes 2023