TAKE FIVE- New Art by Matt

26 February 2023

Sometimes a scene (or moment) presents itself with the perfect light and set up that you know would make a lovely painting, This was such a moment. With technology today, a phone records that image perfectly. A coffee break at FLOURISH gave me the inspiration for my new painting.

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TAKE FIVE by Matthew Haydn Jeanes 2023
Adding a wash- M.H.J 2023
Adding masking fluid to the water drops. M.H.J 2023
Adding highlights. M.H. J 2023

Painting a Moment!.

20 February 2023

Sometimes, when you are out and about on your daily grind, you see something that would tick all of your boxes to make a nice painting. These days with great cameras in your phone,. you can record that moment quickly and paint it later, this is what has happened with my new piece.. still a way to go.. but I am enjoying it.. watch this space.

New Art by Matthew Haydn Jeanes- February 2023


20 February 2023

My Artists & Illustrators article on ‘BEAR’ has been used as part of the new art publication (PAINTING MADE EASY),. It has also been used for the cover,. which is VERY exciting.


20 February 2023

Working with my year 5 and 6 students for their ART WEEK at STAPLE HILL PRIMARY, they produced some great art based on MATISSE’s THE BLUE WOMAN. Their subject was HUMAN BODY and using a mixture of different materials and techniques, they produced these great pieces.

Year 5/6- Staple Hill Primary

Year 5- Staple Hill Primary

Year 6- Staple Hill Primary
Year 6- Staple Hill Primary